Is 'spotting' during pregnancy normal?

Last updated one year ago

Is 'spotting' during pregnancy normal?

Adam (not his real name) called the helpline concerned about his pregnant wife who was experiencing light bleeding or ‘spotting’. 

He told us that his wife was in her first trimester and the issue had occurred for three days and stopped. He wanted to know if it would cause any harm or bring about complications in the long run.

The helpline counselor explained that light spotting during the first trimester is usually normal, but to be on the safe side he should take her to the hospital to see a gynecologist who would run tests and rule out any threatening condition.

A couple of days later we called Adam back and he informed us that they did see a gynecologist and were cleared of any medical issue. The doctor had advised that they start getting regular check-ups during the duration of the pregnancy for the safety of the mother and the baby.

Getting regular check-ups while pregnant is very important. Sonograms and ultrasounds are what will show you your baby’s progress and keep you informed on your health.